Theater has been particularly good to me.  It’s where I met my husband (actor, Scott Fishman seen at Langhorne Players in plays Darwin in Malibu, Writer’s Block and The Kingfisher,) and it’s where my “creative juices flow,” allowing me an outlet for the artistic side of my brain.  Truth be told, it’s where I play!

For years I admired Langhorne Players, the depth of talent, the creative level of production, but most especially for each season’s offerings.  Not for them the tried and true running of the standard bill of fare.  No, Langhorne Players consistently searches out interesting, contemporary plays. “Plays worth talking about.”  And while there are some wonderful classics out there, and yes, we’ve done our share of them, it’s refreshing to see a play that speaks to our times, to the issues facing us now.

The first play that I directed at LP was Fiction by Steven Dietz, a wonderful play about two writers, married to each other - one dying - and they confront each other’s various “fictions” in their lives and marriage.  It was a touching play, written beautifully and developed with an appreciation for the intelligence of the theater audience.  It’s what I’ve come to expect from the Langhorne Players slates.

In the years since I did that play, I have enjoyed participating in the Langhorne Players seasons as director – obviously, (Fiction, Apartment 3A, Miss Witherspoon), stage manager (End Days and even a couple of back stage stints for Miss Witherspoon), actress (Orson’s Shadow), in the box office, spring cleaning and, of course, audience member. And it’s been a joy.  Each theater creates its own community – call it family, and the people who keep LP going are wonderful, caring, hardworking individuals with a love of theater that ensure year after year successful entertainment for our area.  And it includes you, the audience we do it for.  You provide us with so much energy because of your responsiveness, every performance depends on it and you have come through for us with each and every production.  Thank you.  *applause*

So, here I say “thank you” to Langhorne Players for the rich opportunities and to you, our audience for supporting us with your loyalty and high expectations.  Never forget; we do it for you.