Marty first joined the ranks of the Langhorne Players back in 1986 when an actor dropped out of a production of The Rainmaker and director Janie Taylor asked Marty to step in at the last minute. He had a positive experience with that and then Mike Cooper (another longtime Langhorne stalwart) cast Marty as Felix in the Odd Couple. Well...Marty was hooked on Langhorne! Since then Marty has been in approximately twenty or so performances. Among them were Assassins, Weird Romance, Two Rooms, Visiting Mr. Green, Lebensraum, Proof and a host of others. 


Marty has had involvements with many other companies in New Hope, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York (sometimes for pay but more often as a volunteer) but always has a soft spot in his heart for Langhorne. “The important thing to me," Marty says, "is working with committed and dedicated artists whose sole raison d’être is to do good work. It’s a wonderful feeling to take the audience on a journey which allows them to forget about their troubles and to even forget about time for a while."


But in addition to acting, Marty found that he was making strong friendships with others here at Langhorne and, before long found himself being involved as a board member, a member of the Director Selection committee and even being called on to Produce a production. 


He and his wife Lois can be seen often as volunteers in the box office and ushering. Marty notes that this really IS a Community Theater — that it is run by and for the community at large. Involvement has been so rewarding and we wanted to give back to the theater company that has provided us with such rich memories. There are so many dedicated people who give freely and generously of their time and talents and, of course, we always welcome new faces in the wide variety of roles involved with the running of such an enterprise. In fact, that’s the only way we can survive. Marty cautions all of us that “If we want to see this wonderful theater continue to bring the kind of entertainment we have grown to look forward to and enjoy, we need to encourage more of those of you who are reading this to step up and lend a hand!” You don’t have to have any experience to help. Bring whatever energy you have and we’ll find a way to benefit from your time and talent — no matter what that might be.