Kathy Junkins is no stranger to the theater having been involved with one theater project or another for over 35 years. She first came to Langhorne players in 1998 to see their final show of the season, Incorruptible. Seeing an amazing show in an intimate space made her come back time and time again to see what Langhorne had to offer. Coming to see shows at Langhorne Players always made for an interesting ride home with husband Ken, because the shows always offered topics for great discussion. Sometimes it was even hard for her to sleep on LP show nights.

In 2009, Kathy and Ken were looking for a theater company where they could dedicate their time and really be involved. Langhorne Players was the place they chose or maybe Langhorne actually chose them. Ken was asked to direct Darwin in Malibu and Kathy helped out with the show. She loved working with the other volunteers and the LP board members. Devoting time to LP really was a lot of fun. Kathy began taking a lead role in the box office. She still does this today. She secures volunteers to work in the box office and usher for each show. She manages the seating chart for each show and she also answers the Box Office phone. If you ever received a call back to confirm your tickets, you probably talked to Kathy.  

In 2011, Kathy directed End Days, Langhorne Players’ third show of the season. When she read the script, she became passionate about directing it and had a great time doing it. Kathy also worked on the food reception team for the Showin’ Off benefit in the fall of 2011 and helped with the cleanup after the flood(s). This year Kathy served on the director selection committee for the 2012 season, is serving as producer for Apartment 3A, and will also be stage managing Rope later in the season. 

By day, Kathy is the Information Technology Manager for the New Jersey Treasury Department, Division of Property Management. In addition to husband Ken, she has 5 sons, 3 daughters-in-law, and several grandchildren.