Reprinted from the program for ORSON'S SHADOW by Austin Pendleton, October 2010

We have had the pleasure of calling Langhorne Players, and the Spring Garden Mill our “Home Theatre” for a combined 27 years! Jimmy joined the theater in 1993.

“Of all the places I’ve worked in my theatrical career, I always truly feel ‘home’ when working at Langhorne Players. Maybe it’s the open, collaborative, way the theatre troupe operates, or maybe it’s just the familiar scent of the building that reminds me of wonderful summers of my early adolescence, a time where my passion for theatre began.

"My first show was Shivaree by William Mastrosimone. I had just turned 19 and was playing a teenaged boy who suffered from Hemophilia and who was in love with a belly dancer who lived next door. I was young and excited because this was a big role! I couldn’t wait to tell my Mom. The conversation went something like this:

Jimmy: Mom! I got the lead in show!
Mom: That’s great news Jimmy. Good job!
Jimmy: There are so many lines.
Mom: You’ll do fi ne, you always do.
Jimmy: I get to have a love scene with a really hot girl that plays a belly dancer!
Mom: You WHAT?!”

Since that fateful conversation, Jimmy has gone on to do just more than just perform on Langhorne’s stage. He’s run lights and sound for numerous productions, designed lights and sets, acted as chair of the Tech Committee (building a number of sets), and served on the Board of Directors as Member at Large 2002 to 2004, again in 2005, and Vice President 2006 to 2009.

Lauren started working at The Mill in 2000. “I made my LP stage debut in 2001 with our production of A Fair Country, and followed that with a role in the next production of the same season, As Bees in Honey Drown. But in 2003, I had my most adventurous moment, being directed in Laundry and Bourbon by my then-boyfriend Jimmy. We didn’t quite know how it would work as a Director/Actor team, but we made it through without causing any bodily harm. We wed in 2005, so we’re pretty sure it worked out okay!

"I continued my LP fun, joining Jimmy on the Board of Directors, first as Secretary 2002 to 2004, then 2005 through 2008, and finally stepping into the role of President last year. In between I did a little stage managing, and of course, was your regular at the season ticket table 2001 through 2009.

"Together, we’ve participated in a number of productions throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, but Langhorne Players is truly our home—it’s our version of a playground. We come to feed our imaginations, building new worlds and creating a space where any and all are welcome to set aside the cares of the world and experience something new each night the lights go up.

"We have always enjoyed our time at The Mill. It’s more than just the excellent work the theatre produces. The lasting friendships we have developed with so many wonderful people over the years are ones we will cherish forever; and we hope to add new faces and new friends in the years to come.

"On a personal note…in the 1950’s Jimmy’s mother Julie was a member of Langhorne Players, so he’s second generation – how cool is that? And in January, 2011 we are expecting to welcome our first little one—the third generation Langhorne Players Member for our family—that’s even cooler!"