Reprinted from the program for EURYDICE by Sarah Ruhl, August 2010

I began my relationship with Langhorne Players with the 1985 production of Play it Again, Sam by Woody Allen. I played Nancy, the main character’s ex-wife, and I was only ever “seen” in his mind. There was great dream lighting for all of the scenes I, along with the other characters in Allen’s mind, was in.

Since that production, I have been very fortunate to have played a number of other characters on the Langhorne stage. Sometimes the role was a featured player. Sometimes it was part of an ensemble, and sometimes I was a bit player. Every role however, helped to tell the story and to carry our audience along on a journey of some sort.

In the past 25 years there have been many times where my contribution to the story has been from off stage in a production team capacity. I have worked the box offiice, served refreshments, taken publicity photos, directed, painted sets, made costumes, taken out the trash, cleaned bathrooms and worked in the lighting booth. The listgoes on but I am sure you get the idea.

Throughout my years here I have also made an effort to bring new people into the fold. I want others to share in this relationship that I have had with Langhorne Players, and the magic that takes place on our stage.

And it is that magic that keeps me coming back year after year. There are few places where actors can challenge themselves with the kinds of stories we tell here at Langhorne. I find that with every show I learn something, about myself as well as the subject of our story. In addition I get to meet other people who are of a like mind, those who love to tell the stories and work collaboratively to create new places and lives. What a joy to know these people and to share with our audiences.

Years ago I worked on the show Lettice and Lovage by Peter Shaffer. In this show the character Lettice explains that it is her job to enlargen, enlighten and enliven her audience. I think that puts what we strive to do here at Langhorne perfectly. My relationship with Langhorne Players has certainly enlargened, enlived and enlightened my life. And I hope to continue this relationship for more years to come.