Reprinted from the program for SEASCAPE by Edward Albee, June 2011

We began our association with Langhorne Players in 2000 when Alice took on stage manager duties for Light Sensitive.  We had only moved to Bucks County (from Delaware County) a couple of years earlier and were still finding our way as far as what theater in this neck of the woods was like.  And we are fortunate that we discovered Langhorne Players shortly after we got involved in the theater scene in our new location.

Between the two of us, we’ve filled every role possible at Langhorne (pun intended) – we have played lead and supporting parts, stage managed and directed, ushered and handed out programs, helped built sets, run lights and sound, sold tickets and set out refreshments, produced sound effects from scratch as well as borrowed them from outside sources, written and recorded scripted materials to be used during scene changes and even recorded the curtain-opening speeches one season.  And we wouldn’t have it any other way!  Because to enjoy the full experience of Langhorne Players, you need to take part in every facet of a production. 

What we found in Langhorne Players is a place that strives to be on the cutting edge.  A place that produces shows that are lesser known, but much more rewarding, both for the audience and those involved in the productions.  There are higher standards to be met here, but the results are always worth the extra effort.  If you are reading this now, then chances are you have been to a few shows here before, or perhaps you’re a season ticket holder.  Then you know what we say is true – you will not see shows of this quality and this uniqueness in very many other places.  And a Langhorne Players ticket is very affordable, considering what you will receive in return. 

Theater is very important to us.  It changed our lives.  We met doing Ten Little Indians in high school and sometimes wonder what our lives would have been like had one of us not been cast, or if one of us decided not to audition for that particular play.  We have worked separately and together in theaters all over the Delaware Valley and, looking back over it all, we can truly say that there is nowhere that comes close to the Langhorne Players experience.  We are proud to be associated with Langhorne – we have grown in so many ways and hope that our contributions help this theater continue to grow. Long live Langhorne Players!!