As an all-volunteer theater company, Langhorne Players is privileged to have dedicated people who spend countless hours at the Mill working behind the scenes. Every season, we depend on volunteers who give many hours — or one hour — of their time to make Langhorne Players the outstanding theater company it is.


Look at some of the volunteer opportunities available at Langhorne Players. Experience is a plus, but not a requirement. We're happy to train. Volunteer for one thing, one time, and see if you like it. It's a great way to meet people and become a part of a friendly theater company. (Then be careful. You'll probably get hooked like the rest of us did!) 

Contact us to get started! 

Stage Manager – acts as director when director isn't there and is the organizational force behind the entire show. The next most important role after director and producer, the stage manager attends every rehearsal during which they take blocking (where/when actors move about the stage) and direction notes, call places, and much more. Requirement – good organizational and communication skills.

Lighting Designer – determines which lights to use where and how to illuminate the actors and set.

Set Building Crew – work under the direction of the set designer building sets using electric screw guns. They are so cool and fun to use. Not handy? How about using a roller or paint brush? Neatness is not a requirement.

Sound and Light Booth Tech – operates the light and sound board during performances by following the cue lines to change the lights or play recorded sounds. Will train.

Costumes – helps actors with clothing selection, sew unusual garments, and repair garments.

Props & Set Decoration – makes the set look authentic. Is your house totally decorated? Looking for someplace to exhibit your skills? Come on over. We have 5 sets a season that need props and set decoration.

Photographer – shoots stills to use for publicity and promotion. Calling all amateur or professional photographers for another very important role. We need photos taken for publicity, the program and the Lobby Glory Board for every show.

Box Office – checks in ticket holders before performances. An extremely important role even though the action takes place off stage. The box office person meets every audience member. Think of all the people you can chit chat with while issuing tickets, taking cash and processing credit cards on-line – we will train – free seat for the performance and…free snacks

Usher – passes out programs, helps patrons find their seats, and mans the refreshment window during intermission. The opportunities to talk theater, the weather, whatever abound. No experience needed, just a smiling face. Enjoy a free seat for the performance and as many cheese curls as you can eat.

Refreshment Pickup – uses their own car to pick up donated snacks.  This person picks up snacks for each of our 5 shows from April to October at the Herr’s factory on Comly Avenue. Pick up is Monday-Friday, between 9:00am-2:30pm. The order is for 15 – 20 boxes of chips, etc. which are lightweight. A compact car should accommodate the boxes in the trunk and back seat.

Set Strike – tears down the set after the last performance. Everything must be removed from the stage including false walls (flats), furniture, props, etc.

Webmaster – keeps website current with season information and ongoing updates. No coding necessary (website designed in Squarespace).

Publicity – writes and distributes press releases to media outlets via email and online, collects photographs, contacts local media, assists with other forms of publicity and some marketing materials. 

Spring and fall clean up – easy jobs to open or close the building each spring and fall including checking paint, shop and general supplies, setting out waste paper baskets, and wiping down surfaces.