Did you know?

Spring Garden Mill, home of Langhorne Players

Spring Garden Mill, home of Langhorne Players


10 facts about the spring garden mill...

#1    The Mill was built in 1819.

#2    It’s an important example of a United States grist mill (andpart of Bucks County’s history).

#3  The Mill has been our theater home since 1976 (and part of Langhorne Player’s history).

#4  The Mill is owned by Tyler State Park. (You knew that.)

#5    All maintenance of the Mill is Langhorne Players’ responsibility. (You probably didn’t know that.)

#6  The Mill needs painting. (You probably noticed that.)

#7    The Mill needs stucco repairs.(You probably didn’t notice that. Or maybe you did.)

#8  This will cost a bundle. (You could probably guess that.)

#9    We have a tiny budget. (That's why they call it community theater.)

#10  You can be a hero.  (Really.)

Help us beautify the Mill and support the arts at the same time!

Make your donation by clicking the link below. 

And watch that extra cash burning a hole in your pocket turn into art. 

support the arts. make a donation now. thank you!

Top 10 Reasons to Support LANGHORNE PLAYERS 

No. 10   
A community jewel since 1947.
No. 9      
The whole company is made up of volunteers. Wow. 
No. 8    
It’s a great night out for a reasonable price.
No. 7     
The Spring Garden Mill needs support as Langhorne Players' home.
No. 6
Intimate venue.
No. 5    
Awesome sets.
No. 4    
Skilled directing.
No. 3    
Outstanding acting.
No. 2         
All the free cheese curls you can eat.
No. 1

Langhorne Players is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) community theater company that relies solely on ticket sales, donations and an occasional gift or grant from benefactors. Donations to Langhorne Players are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. We are an all-volunteer company and strive to make every dollar stretch to offer the best theater experience for our valued patrons.


We invite you to become a "Friend of Langhorne Players" by making a donation in one of the following categories. No gift is too small; we value them all.

  • Friends ($25-99)
  • Patrons ($100 -249)
  • Benefactors ($250-499)
  • Leads ($500-999)
  • Davis Society ($1,000 & up)

Donors are thanked publicly in each program and on the donor board in the lobby.

We're also pleased to offer these thank-you gifts for larger donations:

  • One season ticket for a $250 donation
  • Two season tickets for a $500 donation
  • Four season tickets for a donation of $1,000
  • A special weekday performance for you and 72 friends for a $750 donation

HONOR SOMEONE WITH A DONATION You can make a donation "in honor of" or "in memory of" as a tribute to a special someone.

MATCHING GIFTS Does your company have a matching gifts program? Langhorne Players may be eligible.


You can use PayPal to make your donation online. Or you can mail your donation by making your check out to "Friends of Langhorne Players" and send to: Friends of Langhorne Players, Langhorne Players, PO Box 643, Newtown, PA 18940. You may wish to use this form for your convenience when mailing your donation.