Audition Notice


Auditions:  March 27 & April 1

Location:  the Mill, 7-10pm

Director:  David Deratzian

Producer:  TBD

Cold Readings from the Script


Knoxville, Tennessee circa 1992. Tracy's wedding receptions is taking place in the garden below her sister Meredith's room (which was once Tracy’s), where all of the action takes place. Five very different women with Tracy as a common acquaintance are bridesmaids in Tracy’s wedding. For varying reasons, the women end up inMeredith’s bedroom to escape the wedding reception. The women start talking and getting to know each other better. All of the women figure out that they are not really friends with Tracy and they question why they are bridesmaids in the first place. The women start to wonder if Tracy has any real friends. After they figure this out they start to share personal stories because they are all dissatisfied with their lives. While discussing their personal issues many past issues are resolved and result in the women having more satisfaction with their lives. This is Steel Magnolias with a hard edge.



Age 21-23.  Sister of the bride.  Recently graduated from college with a bachelor's in English. She has moved back in with her parents and does not appear to have any clear idea of where she is going with her life.


Age 18-21. The youngest member of the wedding party. She is Tracy’s (the Bride) cousin, and is amazed and honored to be a part of her wedding. She seems to almost idolize Tracy and Meredith, but she is the anti-Meredith. She has an unrealistic view of life, love and marriage. She lives her life based on the precepts taught in the Bible.  


Age mid-late 30’s. She describes herself as Tracy's "ugly sidekick throughout high school and college" but admits that they have not been close for years, after a brief affair with Tracy’s first fiancé, Tommy. She is the mother of one child and is unhappy in her marriage.


Age 40’s. As the groom's sister, Mindy is the main representative of this side of the wedding party. The most important part of her character seems to be that she is a lesbian who is out of the closet and very vocal about it (this is 1992 so that is a big deal). She does not approve of her brother's choice for a wife.  She has been with the same partner for nine years and is happy in her relationship.


Age 30’s. The other women in the play describe Trisha as a "do" girl - she is the ultimate nineties woman. She has her own successful career, and is rich, single and beautiful. She is well educated as well as being very open-minded. She has a fear of commitment, she does not wish to be held down by a man. Trisha and Tracy were high school and college pals, but did not have a strong base for their friendship outside of partying together. For this reason, they are no longer close and have not been for years.


Age late 20’s. He is an Groomsman in the wedding party, and Trisha's love interest. He is the sole representative for the masculine side of Southern society, handsome and something of a "party boy". He also has a successful career and is very personable. He cannot convince Trisha to take their relationship past a series of one night stands.

Showin' Off — A Benefit for Langhorne Players

Call for Acts

Deadline for submissions: June 15, 2017

Auditions to be held: First week of July, 2017

Performances: Sept 22 and 23, 2017

Langhorne Players is once again holding our special revue called Showin’ Off — A Benefit for Langhorne Players on September 22 and 23 at the Spring Garden Mill in Tyler State Park, Newtown, PA. Directors Jack Bathke and Rob Norman are inviting any alumni of Langhorne Players (anyone who has been involved in a Langhorne Players production in any capacity) to propose an act for the event. The previous Showin’ Off, produced 5 years ago, was a SMASH HIT and included more than 15 acts from plays staged at Langhorne Players and elsewhere.
We are looking for performances that last a maximum of 8-10 minutes and can be a song, monologue, comedy bit, drama scene or other form of entertainment. There is no limit to the number of people who can participate in your performance. You will need to provide your own music, costumes and props, if any. The stage will be set in a “black box” fashion. Our MC will introduce your performance, so he/she can frame it for the audience if needed. Your performance will be part of each night’s show on both September 22 and 23.
You can email either Jack or Rob with your Showin’ Off act idea. The deadline for submissions is June 15, 2017 and auditions will be held the first week of July.
Even if you’re not planning to perform in Showin’ Off, be sure to put the dates on your calendar to attend one of the incredible nights!

On the boards

General information


Langhorne Players is a non-equity theater that welcomes new talent who share a commitment to producing thoughtful and provocative plays of the highest quality. Each season we try to offer a variety of plays with an array of challenging roles suitable for a wide demographic. All casting is done through open auditions supervised by the play’s director. Audition times and dates are posted in advance on our website as well as other area theater callboards.

Rehearsals usually run several hours four days a week during non-business hours for six or seven weeks. Participation in set and prop construction is encouraged but subject to an individual’s schedule and abilities.

If you have a love of acting and an appreciation for thought provoking plays, please consider Langhorne Players. Email us for more information. 

Langhorne Players is a non-profit, non-union, all volunteer theater company.


Our slate is usually in place by October. Prospective directors are encouraged to read all of the plays in the upcoming season. If you are passionate about a play and would like to direct it, email us. Please indicate which play you are interested in and attach your resume.  Interviews will be scheduled for mid-December.
During this interview, the director should share their vision and ideas about the play as well as its production. We look for directors to have a passion for the play and the characters and the story they tell. In addition, directors must be capable of overseeing all aspects of the show including casting, props, costumes, set decoration, sound, lighting, and arranging for a stage manager. 

Langhorne Players is a non-profit, non-union, all volunteer theater company.





Langhorne Players is a non-profit, non-union, all volunteer theater company.